4 Reasons to Gift Mineral Sunscreen for the Holidays

4 Reasons to Gift Mineral Sunscreen for the Holidays

We all want our holiday gifts to friends and loved ones to be appreciated, useful, and remembered. Sometimes we struggle, though, to come up with gift ideas for certain people on our list that would meet these criteria. Losing this struggle, we usually fall back on giving the same item we gave the previous year or settle for giving a gift card. These types of gifts are usually not remembered.

If you want this year to be a different gift giving experience, then consider gifting mineral sunscreen to your friends and loved ones.

Here are four reasons to do so for the coming holiday:

1. Shows You Care 

Exposing skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation found in sunlight can cause damage to the body. The damage can include, but not limited to: inflammation; sun burn; wrinkles; hyperpigmentation; and skin cancer.

When applied, mineral sunscreen reflects the UV energy off your skin, hence, protecting your skin from sun damage. Chemical sunscreen, on the other hand, must absorb into your skin to activate protection. Who wants chemicals absorbing into their skin? Mineral sunscreen is a healthier option. Giving your loved one a mineral sunscreen as a holiday gift shows that you care for their health – short term and long term.

2. Benefits the Skin 

Besides preventing UV ray damage, mineral sunscreen also helps calm the skin. Mineral sunscreens contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as active ingredients, which are great soothing ingredients. Mineral sunscreen with antioxidants can hydrate the skin and balance free radical effects.

3. Unique 

Giving items like gift cards or clothing are useful, but will they be remembered? Gifting your loved one a quality mineral sunscreen is not only appreciated and useful, but it will also be remembered for its uniqueness. Finding a mineral sunscreen with healthy antioxidant ingredients that looks and feels good on the skin is a gift that will be worn and remembered every day.

4. Universally Useful 

Everyone needs sunscreen regardless of their skin pigment. The natural melanin levels in our skin do not provide full protection against sun damage. Yes, UV rays and blue light are damaging to everyone’s skin. Mineral sunscreen is useful in preventing such damage and represents the most healthy type of sunscreen.


Why Choose My Day Screen® Mineral Sunscreen?

Now that you know why mineral sunscreen makes a wonderful holiday gift, you might be wondering which products to buy. My Day Screen® mineral sunscreen is a healthy and clinically proven sun care brand.

Our formulations are without harmful chemicals and are filled with antioxidants. Each formulation has been tested for UVA and UVB protection.

Our Tinted Drops have also been tested for blue light blockage. The Tinted Drops offer your skin daily defense while you’re in front of your digital devices or while exposed to environmental stressors (e.g. pollution, UV rays). The Drops feel light, silky, and smooth on the skin.

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