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Here's How It Works:

What Are The Benefits?

How Can I Earn Points?

400 Points

On your Birthday

200 Points

Sign Up & Activate Account

10 Points per $1

Buy a Product

200 Points

Leave a Review

50 Points

Facebook Share

50 Points

Follow on Instagram

50 Points

Pinterest Share

50 Points

Refer a Friend

Refer And Earn

To refer a friend:  

+Click on the ‘Rewards’ widget at the bottom of your screen & log in or create an account.

+Select ‘Refer A Friend’ option

+Choose your option for referring

+When each friend joins & uses their discount on product purchases, you earn 50 points!

Here's What I Can Get!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see how many points you have by going to your account or clicking here.

You can go to your account to see if your total amount of points will allow you to trade in for a reward. You can also see rewards that you have claimed by also going to your account.

Unfortunately, only you can use the points that you have earned.

*Members of the Rewards program only*

*Use for My Day Screen™ only*

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