Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

[Written by Erin Stapleton]


It’s holiday shopping time! Are you looking for a ‘self-care’ gift that can be used daily for those on your list? My Day Screen® has tailored a 2021 gift guide that checks off everyone on your list.

My Day Screen® focuses on providing suncare products that look and feel like skincare for face and body. Each product is filled with healthy antioxidant ingredients such as pomegranate, mango, green tea, annatto, sea buckthorn, watermelon, or carrot. Antioxidants fight free radicals and can rejuvenate the skin. Our products will protect from UVA and UVB rays and reduce the transmission of Blue Light – clinically tested (Tinted Drops). Whether the damaging light comes from your computer screen or the sun, we have got you covered!


Does the person you have in mind spend their time on their computer or phone? Our Tinted Drops are the product they need! The Tinted Drops are created with plant-based ingredients that brighten and hydrate the skin while shielding your face from Blue Light exposure. My Day Screen® has created the perfect combination of ingredients that feel light on the skin but still provide natural coverage to the face.

The Tinted Drops would be a great addition to add to the collection for the woman in your life who is a skincare lover or who loves trying new and healthy skincare products. Add the Tinted Drops in with the DIY spa basket that you’re creating or along with the facial massage gift card that you’re giving to your sister or mother who deserves to be pampered. Along with the friend who appreciates a natural glam makeup look and is religiously looking for the missing piece to her makeup collection.


Did you know that snow reflects UVA and UVB rays? True fact: snow and ice reflect more UV radiation than water. Does someone you know have a ski trip planned this winter? Make sure their face is protected from those harmful light rays with My Day Screen’s Sheer Face Cream! Our Sheer Face Cream is a lightweight, non-sticky facial sunscreen that will shield your face during any outdoor activity. Don’t worry about making snow angels either, the Sheer Face Cream is water resistant up to 80 minutes. That is 80 minutes your person could be on the slopes and not worry about a sun burn! 

Include the Sheer Face Cream in a gift basket with your skier’s new pair of skis and goggles. Does your brother or dad spend most of his time outdoors and in the sun? They deserve to be protected from UVA and UVB rays, too! Pair the Sheer Face Cream with some new sport shoes or new golf clubs. The ideas are boundless! 


What should you gift the adventurous person in your life? Whether that person loves working out, loves traveling, or just loves being outdoors, our Body Melt will make a great gift. In the winter months our skin becomes cold and dry while screaming for some moisture. The Body Melt brings hydration to the skin while covering the skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays. Contained with natural ingredients such as avocado and pomegranate, the Body Melt also offer water resistant up to 80 minutes.

Make sure your yoga partner’s skin is protected and hydrated through the entire yoga class with our Body Melt. If you’re thinking of gifting them a yoga mat and yoga pants, throw the Body Melt in to complete the gift! For the fishing fanatics, include the Body Melt with a new fishing pole and a tackle box. Know someone who is traveling somewhere warmer for this holiday or is a big traveler? How about pairing the Body Melt with some travel essentials? They will thank you later for it when they look back on those vacation photos and there’s not a single spot of redness and sunburns!


We know finding a gift for someone can be a very daunting task, so we wanted to help check off a few names on your list! My Day Screen® is also proud to donate $2, for every website product sale, to two nonprofit organizations that help kids find stable homes. Not only do you get a clean and natural product, but a product that truly protects and moisturizes your skin!