5 Ideas to Pamper Mom for Mother's Day

5 Ideas to Pamper Mom for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is next weekend and we cannot wait to celebrate the most important person in our lives—our moms. If you are looking for ways to impress mom this year or are a mom that wants to drop some hints, we have you covered. Here are five ideas for pampering mom.

1. Take mom out for brunch (or create a fancy dinner at home)

Make mom feel special by taking her out for a nice brunch or meal. Find a local restaurant in your area and treat mom to breakfast. If mom is more into coffee, take her to a nice café.  If she is a tea fanatic, try out a place that serves high tea. If Mom is not a breakfast person, then you could cook her favorite meal for dinner. Recreate mom’s favorite dinner restaurant (this may include recreating the restaurant’s environment or their menu). Whatever it is, remember that sometimes the way to mom’s heart is not always jewelry but through her palate.


2. Help mom finish a project or take care of her chores

Most moms spend too much of their week doing household chores which leaves them little time for themselves. Most moms also have a project list they are never able to tackle. Why not offer to complete a project she has had on her list for some time or to take care of some housework?  She will appreciate the help and may be able to relax and catch up on that Netflix series she has missed.


3. Plan a full day of activities with mom

Nothing tells mom how much you care more than spending quality time with her. Plan a fun-filled day of her favorite activities or maybe surprise her with an adventure. Take mom on a hike to a beautiful scenery, visit your local botanical garden and have a mini photoshoot, shop at her favorite stores, or take a sip and paint class together. If you want to get a little more creative for mom, give her an Activities Jar. Type or write at least 10 activities on a piece of paper. Cut each listed activity into a small size, fold, and place each of them in a decorated jar. When you are ready for an adventure, ask Mom to select one activity. Now that’s one way to make Mother’s Day very adventurous!


4. Take mom on a mini getaway

If you want more than a day with mom, you can plan a staycation getaway in your local city or in the nearest town. Being a tourist in your own city can be just as fun as visiting another city. Visit places you have not seen in your own backyard. You can also plan to take mom out of town by booking a flight to the beach, to the mountains or to a city/state that she has never visited. Road trips are fun too! Create a memory with mom that you will both have for a lifetime.


5. Spa day just for mom

Relaxation is a dream for any mother. Treat mom to the spa day of her lifetime, where she can have a relaxing full body/facial massage, get her nails done, enjoy a sauna or a nice bath, and be at peace. If you are looking for a budget-friendly idea, how about a DIY (do-it-yourself) spa day at home? Grab some face masks, body sugar scrubs, nail polishes, robes, and towels and hey—you have created your very own spa experience! Creating your own drinks on the side is a plus too. Give mom the whole facial massage experience with not just the face mask and hot towels but go all out with the massage and finish up with applying the right facial products to complete her experience (such as moisturizer and sunscreen).


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Whatever you plan for mom for this Mother’s Day, we are sure she’ll love spending time with you. And wherever you go or do, remember your sunscreen! Give the gift of ‘I care about you, Mom’ and shower her with clean, natural suncare products that she will love and her skin will love.

Happy Mother’s Day from the whole My Day Screen® team!